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It is important to give the child balanced, healthy meals that fulfil all their dietary requirements from carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals in amounts that are enough for their growth.

You should keep up with your seasonal influenza vaccination

Therapeutic sessions (individual or group)
Environmental modifications Providing of assistive devices

Physiotherapy begins immediately after the child is diagnosed and may be from birth

Active participation by parents in treatment sessions and implementation of directives at home.

Individual and collective counselling and consultation services to the Shafallah affiliates and their families are also provided by the Family Support Section. This is to provide them with the skills that help them adapt to the nature of their problems and accept them in order to facilitate their integration into society.

They are groups of family members of the Shafallah affiliates, each group with common interests and challenges that meet for a specific period of time to provide social support to each other by talking about their experiences. They exchange experiences, information and ideas among themselves in a safe environment in order to develop the abilities and skills of their children.

A service provided to the families of members through the phone designated for consultations, where the families of the center’s members can communicate with the family psychologist in the Family Support Department by calling directly or communicating on WhatsApp through the following numbers: 74702680 - 74714232

It is a set of procedures based on behavioral laws resulting from applied behavior analysis, with the aim of creating positive changes in human behavior in a way that helps him improve his life and make it more effective, by strengthening desirable behaviors versus weakening or removing undesirable behaviors.

The Department of Psychological and Behavioral Services uses a group of programs, the most important of which is the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program, which aims to understand human behavior and improve it, and focuses on identifying behaviors that play a role in social situations and conducting interventions that aim to reduce undesirable behaviors, and enhance and develop desirable behaviors.