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About The Center

About Us

The Shafallah Center for Persons with Disabilities was established in 1999 to protect the rights of the disabled in Qatar.
The Shafallah Center was established to provide ideal services for people who suffer from mental disabilities and autism, whose ages do not exceed 21 years, in the field of special education and qualification in addition to making the society aware of their issues and rights to obtain a more independent life, and to maximize their integration into the society. The center has been operating since 2013 under the authority of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work, which in turn is affiliated with the Ministry of Social Development and Family.
The center was named Shafallah according to the hope that the center sets in the hearts of its affiliates and beneficiaries of its services, and it is basically a reference to the name of the wild Shafallah plant that grows in the desert and this plant is a symbol of life amidst the dryness of the desert in Qatar. As aforementioned, the Shafallah Center was established to enhance the capacity and inclusion of the disabled in the society through using modern technology and applying international best practices in a way that suits the Qatari society, and with persistent steps to develop the capabilities of individuals to face challenges to achieve successes, and to enable our children to contribute to the sustainable development of the Qatari society.


Our vision:

The vision of Shafallah Center is to be a pioneer in empowering and integrating people with intellectual disabilities and autism into the Qatari society, through the role of Shafallah as a beacon of development in providing health and social services, special education, and rehabilitation for people with disabilities, leading to their integration into society.


Our objectives:

• Empowering and integrating Shafallah affiliates by enhancing their capabilities, to enable them to participate in sustainable development in Qatar.
•  Enhancing the awareness of the disabled rights in the Qatari society.
•  Applying best practices and using the latest technological methods in areas concerned with the disabled.
•  Using the latest technology methods for diagnosing, training, and qualifying Shafallah members.
•  Providing support to the concerned authorities in Qatar to develop services and facilities for the disabled, and preparing relevant studies and research.
• Establishing a database for the disabled, and ensuring the exchange of correct information on the disabled, especially in light of policy-making and national plans and programs for the disabled. 

Our responsibilities:

•  Enhancing the awareness of the Qatari society of the rights of our children with disabilities and providing them with job opportunities in public and private sector institutions.
•  Ensuring providing medical and treatment services for Shafallah members, to reach full rehabilitation.
•  Providing the necessary equipment and means for Shafallah members, which enhances their integration into the Qatari society.
•  Developing preventive plans and programs concerned with early diagnosis in the field of disability and securing the latest means used for early intervention.
•  Developing health programs and services for the advancement of the disabled.