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ED Message

مريم سيف السويدي - المدير التنفيذي لمركز الشفلح

Our success is with you and for a country that is proud among the nations

Nothing is the most beautiful is our contributions in the service of humanity and the nation, that stem from the needs and aspirations of society and reflect its reality and hopes.

Since the beginning of its inception, the Shafallah Center has strived to have an active and influential presence in society especially families of people with disabilities and have a renewed humanitarian contribution.


We will work through the Shafallah Center’s strategic plan to enable our children with disabilities to obtain education, rehabilitation, and appropriate job opportunities that guarantee their independence and integration as active members in society. We will also provide them with full care and all the facilities and tools which help them to success until achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030.

We believe in the importance of investing in information and communication technology in unleashing the latent capabilities of people with disabilities and helping them achieve independence and self-reliance.


We will move forward in developing our mechanisms for effective communication between the Shafallah Center and the parents of people with disabilities, and we will work to provide support and assistance services to give them skills to deal with their children with disabilities, in addition to providing individual and group psychological and family counseling services directed to the families of the affiliate.


  Realizing our role towards our societal responsibility for people with disabilities, it is imperative for us to look at them with consideration and appreciation. Therefore, we give our utmost expertise and utmost care, as they are a source of inspiration, determination, persistence, challenge, and the ability to give without limits.


   We ask God for success and help in the responsibility to achieve goodness and righteousness for our dear country, Qatar, and our honorable people.

Maryam Al-Sowaidi