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Our Services

Our Special Education Services

Al-Shafallah provides special education services to its members within a series of specialized curricula and programs for the center’s members, from birth to 21 years of age.


and that is through:
  • Providing qualified educational and educational human cadres in accordance with the latest professional standards.
  • Providing modern means and devices concerned with facilitating the educational process for the center’s members, including computers and modern prosthetic devices.
  • Promoting family and community awareness of the importance and how to integrate persons with disabilities into society, qualifying them and how to deal with them.
  • Develop special education programs and preparing individual educational plans that suit the developmental and psychological characteristics of people with disabilities.



Our Rehabilitation Services

The Shafallah Center seeks to rehabilitate people with disabilities, according to specialized rehabilitation programs that are compatible with their level of abilities and modern technical and technological developments.

Providing training on job tasks according to the jobs available in the country and the stage of graduation from the center.

and that is through:
  • Strengthening and developing the skills and capabilities of the center’s employees by using the best specialized professional practices and using the latest modern technology in the field of people with disabilities.
  • Preparing specialized rehabilitation programs in line with technology developments and the needs of the labor market.
  • Encouraging the private sector to provide job opportunities for the center’s employees.
  • Striving to contribute to Coordinating with entities in the country with the aim of providing job opportunities for people with disabilities.



Our Services to Facilitate Transportation

The Shafallah Center works to help secure the right of its members with disabilities to facilitate their travel to countries

When participating in activities and events outside the country.

It also works within the country to secure their movement and access to public facilities and places without obstacles.


and that is through:
  • Creating an environment that enables persons with disabilities to access housing, education, work, and other public places.
  • Promoting construction standards that meet the needs of persons with disabilities.



Our Services are in The Field of Family Support and Psychological Counseling

The Shafallah Center seeks to provide family support services in addition to individual and group psychological counseling care for Shafallah members and their families. The Center also enhances community awareness of the rights of people with disabilities, and prepares and implements various curricular and extracurricular activities, which aim to enhance the effective participation of Shafallah members in social life and bring them to Maximum independence and psychological and social adaptation.


and that is through:
  • Studying the individual needs of the center’s members in order to develop programs to develop the capabilities and skills of people with disabilities.
  • Providing programs for early detection of disability through diagnosis and evaluation and providing training programs for families and their children with disabilities at an early age.
  • Promoting family and community awareness of the causes of disability to reduce them.
  • Easy contact with the Family Support Department via the phone number / 44956655.



Community Communication and Awareness Services

The Shafallah Center seeks to enhance the societal outlook towards persons with disabilities, leading to their inclusion as part of sustainable development in the State of Qatar.


and that is through:
  • Producing and disseminating information and educational programs about persons with disabilities, which include information about the causes of disability and ways to prevent them, in addition to presenting the successful experiences of members of the Shafallah Center.
  • Encouraging the issuance of specialized publications.
  • Organizing awareness campaigns in support of the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • Celebrating local, regional, and international events for persons with disabilities.
  • Enhancing people with disabilities’ benefit from modern technology, such as websites, and preparing programs and developing tools to suit the needs of Shafallah Center members.



Our sports, Cultural and Entertainment Services

The Shafallah Center is keen to achieve comprehensive growth for its members and provide them with the opportunity to practice sports activities, leading to their participation in regional and international sports tournaments and forums, in addition to interactive entertainment services.
As well as the cultural activities provided by the Shafallah Center, which help them integrate into society.


and that is through:
  • Expanding the base for practicing sports, cultural and recreational activities.
  • Providing qualified human cadres in the sports and entertainment fields to train and qualify members, and provide the necessary sports equipment and tools. And holding specialized events.
  • Integrating the center’s members with their peers in sports clubs, public parks and camps, and providing them with appropriate games and activities.
  • Introducing the center’s champions who hold sports medals at the local, regional and international levels.
  • Exchanging experiences and applying best practices in training the center’s members in various sports, and exchanging visits between Arab sports teams for people with disabilities.



Our educational and professional rehabilitation services

The Shafallah Center provides a number of educational and rehabilitative services targeting different groups of people with mental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder in order to work on developing their abilities to the maximum possible extent.


This is done through the following sections:


  • Department of Early Childhood
    This department provides early intervention services to members joining the department and their families from birth to six years of age as follows:
  1. Providing training services through the application of the Parent Training Program (portage) for members from birth to (3) years of age, as this program depends on their effective participation in Training sessions provided to them at the center.
  2. Providing training services to members from the age of (3) years to (6) years through the application of supportive programs and curricula, including the VB - MAPP program, in addition to striving to develop their social and linguistic skills and various daily life skills.


  • Department of Mild and Moderate Intellectual Disability
    This department serves members aged 6-16 years, by applying special education programs curricula and programs for people with disabilities, in addition to enhancing their daily life and social skills.
  • Department of severe intellectual disability
    This section includes members from the age of 6 to 21 years, with severe disabilities and motor disabilities, as the rehabilitation and educational process aims to enhance the capabilities to carry out daily life activities, such as personal care activities, communication methods, and building social relationships.
  • Department of Autism
    This department is concerned with people with autism spectrum disorder from the age of 6 to 16 years. The department offers specialized educational methods, such as the structured education program and the discrete attempts system. And visual communication systems.
  • Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and Training
    The Vocational Rehabilitation and Training Department specializes in providing training and rehabilitation services to the center’s members from the age of 16 to 21 years, including community and vocational integration activities, life skills, and independence.
  • Employment Unit
    The Employment Unit specializes in providing special education services, training and rehabilitation services and integration activities for male and female members of the Shafallah Center aged 18-21 years in the academic and vocational fields, life skills, independence and training in job tasks according to the jobs available to them in state institutions and ministries.
  • Operational Workshop Unit
    This unit works to create production lines and internal workshops for Shafallah employees who are difficult to employ independently.
    Among these operational workshops: 
  1. The Qatar Airways production line.
    The center's cooperation with Qatar Airways resulted in the creation of a functional, protected production line to prepare the personal care bags that are distributed on board its flights.
  • Green Houses Workshop.
    This workshop aims to train participants on the skills of growing crops, how to care for them, pack them, and wrap them, in addition to cooperating with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment in order to make the local community aware of the abilities and capabilities of people with disabilities through participation in annual agricultural exhibitions, agricultural crop markets, and events held at the center level to display products. The workshop.
  •  Printing workshop.
    Training the center’s employees on the use of modern devices and tools for printing on advertising materials and tools.
  •  Sports activities unit
    This unit prepares and trains the center’s members athletically, to enhance their competency and physical and psychological capabilities and enable them to participate. And compete efficiently in various local, regional, and international individual and group sports tournaments and festivals.
  • Technical Activities Unit
    This unit coordinates the preparation and implementation of musical and artistic programs for the center’s members, through individual and group sessions with the aim of activating and stimulating the senses, and working to discover and develop talents.



Our specialized facilities

  • Shafallah Library: 

The center’s library includes two sections: the first section is for staff, parents, and visitors, and allows them to benefit from the latest special education books in the field of people with disabilities and special education, in addition to providing multimedia and periodicals connected to the Internet. The second section provides its services to the center’s employees, allowing them to benefit from stories, educational modalities and technological means for people with disabilities, with the aim of improving their behaviour and developing their skills.

  • Therapeutic Services Halls:

These therapeutic services aim to improve large and small motor skills, cognitive and linguistic skills to rehabilitate people with disabilities and develop their abilities. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy services are provided to the center’s target group with the aim of achieving the highest level of independence for them, as well as providing hydrotherapy service through a therapeutic swimming pool. for the cases concerned.

  • Theater hall:

The Shafallah Center created the first 3D dome theater with a high-tech audio and video system in the Middle East, believing in the importance of the educational and communicative role of theatre, where various educational, documentary, scientific and entertainment cinematic shows are presented, in addition to simultaneous interpretation in different languages when needed.

  • Sensory stimulation halls:

Which allows multi-sensory learning by activating the various sensory stimuli present in:

  1. Al-Shafallah Center for Persons with Disabilities.
  2. Hamad International Airport “Providing additional services for travelers with disabilities and autism spectrum disorder and ensuring the provision of comfort for them.”.
  • Assistive technology devices hall:

It aims to develop the communication, perceptual and cognitive skills of the center’s members.


  • Swimming pool:

The swimming pool was opened a year after the opening of the Shafallah Center in the Lusail Building, due to the physiotherapists receiving a Halloween course during the first year in preparation for implementing the hydrotherapy program for the center’s employees.
It is offered to all members of the Shafallah Center who have movement problems and is not for sports or recreational purposes.
A special aquatic therapy program for individuals with autism was added starting in 2017 with the aim of reducing the symptoms of maladaptive behavior.
It is one of the methods on which physical therapy is based, affiliated with the Therapeutic Rehabilitation Department at the Shafallah Center. It includes a wide range of therapeutic methods that employ the physical properties of water, such as temperature, pressure, and buoyancy, to stimulate blood circulation and benefit from it for therapeutic purposes. It is a therapeutic program. Safe for people with disabilities, it is implemented through a group of planned, successive, interconnected activities that are presented during a specific period of time.
Activities in the pool:

  1. Strengthening exercises for the body's muscles in general.
  2. Stretching and relaxation exercises.
  3. Visual-motor coordination exercises.
  4. Respiratory exercises.
  5. Training in standing and walking.
  6. Balance exercises.
  7. Preparing the member to accept and interact with the aquatic environment using the Hallowick method.