About Shafallah

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Who Are We ?

In light of her support for attaining human and social development in Qatar, Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser , God bless Her, had established Al Shafallah Center for Persons with Disability in 1999 to provide exemplary educational and rehabilitative services to persons with mental disability and autism who are under 21 years old.

Furthermore, the center aims to promote societal awareness of their cause and rights, to help them in acquiring a more independent life and to maximize their integration in society. Since 2013, the Center operates under the umbrella of Qatar Foundation for Social Work.

Over the past two decades we have persistently worked on providing specialized comprehensive services for rehabilitating and developing the capacities and skills of our boys and girls with disability and autism.

Al Shafallah is considered an outstanding platform and an experienced hub in enhancing the capacities of persons with disability and integrating them in society. The Center was always keen to acquire and use modern technology for strengthening the capacities of its affiliates , as well as applying best international practices in a manner that suits our boys and girls in the context of Qatari Society.

The Center was called Al Shafallah to signify the hope it strives to create among its affiliates and beneficiaries of its services. . The word “Al Shafallah” is originally the name of a wild plant that grows in barren deserts and is considered a symbol of life amid the desert’s drought in Qatar . The center works very hard in developing the skills of individuals with special needs and integrating them in society, with in the best practices through a highly efficient technology and World Class programs .

Our Mission

In harmony with the mission of Qatar Social Fondation For Social Work , we provide model services for persons with mental disability and autism in the State of Qatar which includes education, rehabilitation, societal awareness and legal support for achieving all their daily life rights and integrate them in Qatari society.

Al Shafallah also works on raising awareness about the causes of disability in order to work together to prevent or diminish its occurrence. We also provide all modern equipment, compensatory means and educational means enhancing their efficiency of target groups in facing their challenges to achieve maximum independence in their daily life and their integration on the society.

Our Vision

Al Shafallah visi on is centered around integrating persons with mental disability and autism in Qatari society. It is a leader of progress in the provision of health, social, educational and rehabilitation services for persons with disability that facilitate their integration in society.


Our values are inspired by the Qatar Foundation For Social Work , that are based on a clear aim to qualify our staff and develop our services for our targeted group of members, as follows:

  • Service leadership
  • Effective communication
  • Professional and social responsibility
  • Continuous development and innovation
  • Team spirit and collective action
  • Professional and social empowerment
  • Privacy ( confidentiality)
  • Partnership
  • Equality

Our Goals

We aim to enhance the capacities and capabilities of Shafallah affiliates through

  • Providing exemplary services in the fields of education, rehabilitation, training and building the capacities of our disabled boys and girls.
  • Providing legal support for the rights of persons with disabilities, enhancing societal awareness of their rights and society’s obligations toward them.

Our services network covers all types and levels of disability for all age groups from birth to graduation. This comprehensive initiative falls within the framework of Qatar Foundation for social work for enhancing the capabilities of various groups in Qatari society, and in particular providing capabilities for persons with disabilities in areas of health, education, rehabilitation, social and cultural domains , in addition to professional services that secure jobs for our affiliates that constitute one gate for social integration. Furthermore, we provide family counseling services ( individually and collectively

Our Responsibilities

Enhancing the capabilities of our disabled boys and girls through conducting scientific studies and research on disability and its issues in order to provide the best ways and necessary means for Shafallah affiliates for the sake of strengthening their living spheres.