Sports Activities (Adaptive Sports) Unit


Our aim is to develop students’ physical, social and psychological abilities through actively participating in various sports activities and local, regional and international sports festivals.


Art classes:

People with Intellectual Disabilities have difficulty expressing themselves but through art, they can express in a spontaneous way of developing their relationships with others. Artistic expression allows the student to communicate with others, make friends, have a positive self-image, gain trust in himself, as well as gain confidence.


Music Classes:

Music classes are an effective educational and therapeutic tool for students with all forms of disabilities. The strategies involved with music classes may improve skill areas that are important for our students with intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, and autism. For example, Improving self-image, body awareness, increase attention, social and verbal communication, music also helps to reduce unacceptable social behavior.


Teachers Hand-on professional training

This in-house program aims to provide practical strategies instructional approaches for teachers in classes to deepen the impact of training and theoretical reflection on the teachers’ performance.



Assistive Technology Program

The program is still under development, it aims to increase the role of assistive technology in classrooms and provide different types of learning opportunities for students, and development of multimedia educational programs specifically designed for students with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities and Autism.