Department Summary

The Department seeks to set up, develop, plan and implement programs, plans and strategies of special education, training and Pre-Vocational training to suit students with Mild and Moderate intellectual disabilities, and Autism. The department serves students aged 3 to16 years. Additionally, the department provides other support services such as Adaptive Sport division, Art, Music, and Assistive Technology. It also seeks to develop the capabilities of the special education teachers in the field of special education.


Goals of the Department

  • Provides equal educational opportunities for students with Intellectual disabilities and Autism, and comply with the provisions of Laws related to the Rights of People with disabilities in the field of education.


  • Provides appropriate services to students with intellectual disabilities and Autism that meet their needs and enhance their abilities.


  • Provides appropriate curriculum suitable and appropriate for the various categories of intellectual disabilities and Autism, and to develop individual educational plans, and provides all services in accordance with the best international practices.


– Provides appropriate learning environment based on an Individual Educational Plan, enhance and enrich learning opportunities through the goals provided in individual educational Plan, to meet all the needs of our students.

– Provides ongoing professional development in the most current and best internationally recognized practices in the field of special education.


  • Collaborates with qualified professionals for all areas of special education to educate and meet the needs of our students.


  • Collaborates with the parents of our students during every step of the educational process start from the assessment phase to developing an Individual Educational Plan and monitoring the progress of the student.

Divisions (UNITS) of the department:

  • Early Childhood Unit
  • Mild and moderate intellectual disabilities Unit
  • Autism Unit
  • Adaptive Sport Unit
  • The department provides art and music services as well.


Other Programs:

  • Teachers Practical training advisory
  • Assistive Technology