Psychological Services Division and Evaluation

This section provides analysis and behavior modification services in order to strengthen the educational process by modifying undesirable behaviors and the formation of a positive alternative behaviors that help students to communicate and acquire the skills and psychosocial adjustment. Also, this section provides an evaluation and diagnosis of various aspects of students from inside as well as outside the center, in addition to the diagnosis of autism, and autism spectrum disorders. This section is also in partnership with the family counseling department to provide family support, various lectures and workshops related to individuals with disabilities, applied behavior analysis, and how to deal with various behavioral problems.

This section also participates in the family training program in which sessions based on applied behavior analysis procedures are conducted with students and their parents. In addition, this section assists in developing appropriate curricula for students and training staff using applied behavior analysis procedures which has been proven to be effective in the area of education, specifically teaching students with autism and students with other developmental disabilities.