Vocational Training Department

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​The vocational training depart​​​​​ment provides rehabilitation and training services that prepare 16-21 years old boys and girls for employment , in addition to specialized societal integration activities. This paves the way for their s​uc​cessful transition after they leave the Center in terms of employment and social integration. The department also enhances societal awareness of the culture and rights of persons with disability , in addition to enhancing cooperation with various institutions in providing consultancies regarding integrating and empowering persons with disability , as well as securing employment for them.

The department carries out its tasks through the following sections :

1. Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Section

This section provides its educational, training and rehabilitation services as well as integrative activities to Al Shafallah 16-21 years old boys and girls. These services support academic, vocational, life, and independence skills in accordance with most rcent international scientific methods , as a prelude for transferring them to the employment unit. This process includes the following steps :

  • Implementing and evaluating an annual work plan for services and special activities.
  • Assessing the capabilities, needs and preferences of Al Shafallah affiliates in various in a regular manner by a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Developing a comprehensive individual transition plan for every affiliate to the employment unit according to assessment results.
  • Providing educational and training services , as well as societal integration activities according to the individual transition plan of every affiliate.
  • Coordinating services provision with other relevant units in the Center to ensure achieving the goals of the comprehensive individual plan.
  • Involving parents and guardians in developing the comprehensive individual plans of their children.

2. Employment Unit

The employment unit specializes in providing exemplary services and field follow up with different employers for Al Shafallah affiliates 18-21 years old. This is done through a training program that determines eligible affiliates and the matching of their capabilities to available jobs at the labor market. The field follow up program achieves integration and empowerment of affiliates in society through carrying out the following tasks :

  • Coordinate job opportunities that match the capabilities and desires of qualified Al Shafallah affiliates.
  • Assess the work environment in cooperation with employers in order to introduce necessary adjustments.
  • Field training of trainees on their jobs
  • Remain in contact with employers and follow up the condition of employed Al Shafallah affiliates after they complete their field training in order to ensure that they properly carry out their tasks
  • Provide technical consultations that support employers in terms of empowering Al Shafallah affiliates
  • Conduct studies on employing Al Shafallah affiliates that take into account labor market trends , in cooperation with relevant units at Al-Shafallah
  • Disseminate the culture and rights of Al Shafallah affiliates to employment and societal integration
  • Cooperate and coordinate efforts with public and private institutions and organizations in developing and implementing innovative solutions for employing Al Shafallah affiliates.

3. Operational Workshops Unit

This Unit establishes production lines and internal workshops for Al Shafallah boys and girls who find it difficult to work independently. This is done through implementing various activities with production lines and marketing their products as a way of enhancing their integration into society. Some of these workshops are :

  • Qatar Airways production line
  • Green Houses workshops