Educational Services Department


This department oversees the Center’s educational and pedagogical services that ar e provided as part of a series of specialized programs and curricula . The department also provides rehabilitation and therapeutic services that include : physiotherapy, functional therapy, speech therapy, language, music, art and adjusted sports in accordance with the needs of each affiliate.

The department carries out its tasks through the following sections :

1. Early Childhood Department.

This section serves 3-6 years old affiliates. It adopts the Applied Behavior Analysis meth od (ABA) which is one of the most advanced intensive and specialized educational programs for children. The department focuses on individual education utilizing behavioral principles ( stimulus-response-reinforcement), in addition to teaching new skills by dividing them into small steps using behavioral principles ( reinforcement-assistance-formation- fading away).

2. Mild and Medium Mental Disability Department

This section attends to 6-16 years old persons with mild or medium disability as measured by the Center’s adopted standards. These include Down Syndrome and physical disabilities such as brain paralysis .

The section also depends on the curricula of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education as a reference for designing its own individual educational program provided to each affiliate in accordance to the individual education plan which focuses on academic, social, cognitive skills and daily life skills, in addition to occupational skills , independence skills and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methodology .

3. Autism Department

This section attends to 6-16 years old children diagnosed with autism spectrum by the diagnosis and classification guide used by Al Shafallah Center. The section provides educational services based on a comprehensive individual plan that fits the capabilities of each case. The services include collective training sessions with integrated plans for developing and promoting the capacities of our affiliate boys and girls .

The section also applies the most modern internationally used programs and methods to treat persons with autism spectrum such as the communicating via pictures system (PECS) , a therapy and training program for autistic persons and similar communication problems (TEACCH) , Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and training through separate attempts program(DTT) .

4. Severe Mental Disability Department

This section attends to Al Shafallah boys and girls 6-21 years old diagnosed with severe mental disability according to the Center’s adopted standards. This condition includes Down Syndrome and physical disabilities such as brain paralysis.

The section designs individual education plan for every individual that focuses on developing independence, social, cognitive and daily life skills.

5. Activities Department

Al Shafallah affiliates receive the following activities

A. Sports Activities: 

These activities include group sessions for developing motor skills , and a training program for purposive sports activities. Through constructive cooperation with sports federations and Olympic committees, Al-Shafallah affiliates participate in local and international championships.

B. Arts Activities

Music programs whereby individual and collective sessions ​are designed for Al Shafallah children in order to stimulate their senses, discover and refine their talents.

Art education program whereby the section designs specialized individual and group sessions that aim at discovering and developing talents by giving a chance for Al Shafallah children to express themselves through art.