Family and Counselling Department

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This department carries out its​ tasks through the family support sect​ion , the social services section and the psychological and behavioral services section :

Family support Section

This Section aims at :

  • Providing family support services ,individual and group psychological counseling to Al Shafallah affiliates
  • Spreading societal awareness about autistic individuals and persons with disability
  • Providing individual and collective psychological counseling services to parents and students
  • Giving lectures and organizing relevant workshops for concerned parents and society at large

Social Services Section

This section focuses on :

  • Providing social and consultations services to our children and their families
  • Preparing and implementing different extra-curricular activities that target effective participation of Al Shafallah affiliates in social life to the maximum possible degree of independence and of psychological and social adaptation
  • Coordinating the individual educational plan, separately examining cases and following them up at Al Shafallah Center and through home visits

Psychological and Behavioral Services Section

This section works on :

  • Analyzing and enhancing behavior in support of the education process
  • Developing skills and enhancing psychological and social adaptation
  • Participating in spreading societal awareness about disability
  • Working with teachers on assessing verbal behavior , functional skills and applying methods of behavior analysis