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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Shafallah website which enhances the vision of the future bright center in its programs and objectives that are in keeping with Qatar's Vision 2030. At Shafallah Center, which operates under the umbrella of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work, we look forward to keeping up with the latest scientific developments and modern techno​logies. We work with specialized administrative and teaching staff. In order to achieve scientific and practical outputs that help our children to integrate into society. The Center always strives to extend bridges of communication and cooperation with educational institutions and all institutions of society in a variety of ways that ensure the integration of roles and coordination among them to achieve what We aim to achieve the development, development, integration and support of the rights of people with disabilities, which will contribute to the achievement of a reputation and prestige for the Center in the State of Qatar and in all local forums Regional and international levels.​ ​ 

 ​Laalei Abualfain